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Product Protection & Voidfill Solutions

For that added level of protection

Sometimes products need that extra level of protection.  In this section you will find bubble wrap in various thicknesses and roll lengths as well as specialist sheeting for furniture protection.  We also offer void fill systems from traditional loose fill through to innovative air cushion and paper void fill systems.

Small Profile Bubble Wrap

Available in 6 widths, small profile bubblewrap can be used for protecting small and light items or as a void fill within small cartons for protecting products.

Material Grade

Small profile bubble wrap

Product CodeRoll SizeRolls per Pack
BUB012300mm x 100M5
BUB009500mm x 100M3
BUB001600mm x 100M2
BUB003750mm x 100M2
BUB0061200mm x 100M1
BUB0071500mm x 100M1
Large Profile Bubble Wrap

Available in 5 widths, large profile bubblewrap can be used for protecting larger and heavier items or as a void fill within a carton for protecting products.

Material Grade

Large profile bubble wrap

Product CodeRoll SizeRolls per Pack
BUB023A300mm x 45M5
BUB002A600mm x 45M2
BUB004A750mm x 45M2
BUB005A1200mm x 45M1
BUB013A1500mm x 45M1
Anti Static Bubble Wrap

Available in 3 widths, small profile anti-static bubblewrap is designed to stop static charge build up during transportation. Ideal for use in the electronics industry.

Material Grade

Small profile bubble Wrap

Product CodeRoll SizeRolls per Pack
BUB017500mm x 100M3
BUB0101200mm x 100M1
BUB0111500mm x 100M1
BUB025750mm x 100M2
Bubble Pouches

See-through bubble pouches with a self-seal strip for small or delicate items that need that extra level of protection.

Smooth finish on the inside of the pouches allow your product to move in and out with ease.

Material Grade

Small profile bubble Wrap

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Product CodeSizeSelf-Seal LipCarton QuantityAnti-Static
JCR010100mm x 135mm30mm750N
JCR010AS100mm x 135mm30mm1000Y
JCR011130mm x 185mm30mm500N
JCR011AS130mm x 185mm30mm500/1000Y
JCR012180mm x 235mm30mm300N
JCR012AS180mm x 235mm30mm300/750Y
JCR014230mm x 285mm30mm300N
JCR014AS230mm x 285mm30mm300/500Y
JCR015280mm x 360mm30mm150N
JCR015AS280mm x 360mm30mm150/300Y
JCR013305mm x 435mm30mm150N
JCR013AS305mm x 435mm30mm150/250Y
JCR016380mm x 435mm30mm100N
JCR016AS380mm x 435mm30mm100/200Y
JCR017450mm x 500mm30mm70N
Jiffy® Foam

Packaging foam is a gentle alternative to more traditional types of packaging such as corrugated paper and can be used to protect items that need special care and attention, offering protection from scuffing and abrasion.

Packaging foam is available in a variety of thicknesses, making it extremely versatile and suitable for a multitude of applications from delicate china to concrete blocks, furniture and consumer electronics and any items requiring gentle cushioning or interleaving protection.

Product CodeRoll SizeThicknessRolls per pack
JIFFOAM101000mm x 300M0.5mm1
JIFFOAM51200mm x 300M1mm1
JIFFOAM2500mm x 200M1.5mm3
JIFFOAM1750mm x 200M1.5mm2
JIFFOAM4500mm x 120M2.5mm3
JIFFOAM31000mm x 120M2.5mm1
JIFFOAM12500mm x 75M4mm3
JIFFOAM111000mm x 75M4mm1
Furni Range

Jiffy® has developed a range of protective furniture wraps, designed specifically to protect items large, small, modern and antique, from knocks, scuffs and vibration.

Tough, yet cushioning, water resistant and re-usable, the FURNI-range provides the utmost in quality which means more protection for the items you ship, pack and store.


FURNI-soft™: small bubble, laminated to an LDPE film outer, with a gentle, non abrasive inner liner which sits against the furniture.

FURNI-guard®: small bubble laminate to an LDPE layer, bonded with a simulated paper LDPE on the inner.

Product CodeDescription
Stratocell Sheeting

Stratocell Foam is a high quality closed cell polyethylene foam with an excellent strength to weight ratio.

It is designed to protect from shock and can be cut to shape and heat welded. Available in sheets from stock and is commonly used as end caps to protect heavy items during transit.

Product CodeDescriptionPack Size
FOR0161” Stratocell Foam Sheet (2000 x 1000 x 25mm)16 Sheets
FOR016A2” Stratocell Foam Sheet (2000 x 1000 x 50mm)8 Sheets
Polystyrene Sheeting

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a very versatile and inexpensive packaging material commonly used to line cases for temperature controlled shipments.

It can also be moulded, cut and routed to specific shape as a cushioning and voidfill material. Available from stock in 25mm and 50mm sheets but can also be cut to size.

Product CodeDescriptionPack Size
MEGAPAK098ft x 4ft x 1” Polystyrene Sheet (2438 x 1219 x 25mm)12 Sheets
MEGAPAK108ft x 4ft x 2” Polystyrene Sheet (2438 x 1219 x 50mm)6 Sheets
Chip Foam Sheeting

Made from recycled foam which is compressed and glued together to form a high density solid foam sheet.

Often used to line heavy duty cases for export it is an inexpensive and versatile foam available in various densities.

Product CodeDescriptionPack Size
CASE316LB Chip Foam Sheet 80″ x 30″ x 1″ (2032 x 762 x 25mm)24 Sheets

Flo-Pak Green Loosefill

Product Code: FLO001

Description: The green 8-shape Loose Fill is the universal, safe and efficient all round void-fill material that protects any product, regardless of its shape. Through its interlocking 8-shape design the protection function in the carton will be maximised. Furthermore the 8-shape does not lose its shape. Even if it is being packed with heavy items there is an optimal protection during transportation. So the 8-shape product can be reused many times.

With the 8-shape Loose Fill the packaging process can be completed within seconds and no further training is required for your warehouse operatives. With its low volume weight it is a solid solution for your protective packaging process.

Flo-Pak Green is supplied in 15 cu ft bags


Product Code: FLO002

Description: Made from starch and 100% biodegradable, EcoFlo is independently proven to offer better all round protection than polystyrene loosefill. With a superior technical and environmental performance, plus a competitive price, it’s easy to see why EcoFlo is the fastest growing loosefill in the UK.

How does EcoFlo protect your products?

The odourless, white EcoFlo chips compress to form an impenetrable mould around the product, preventing it from migrating to the bottom of the carton. The surrounding chips provide high level shock and impact protection for your goods, eliminating breakages.

EcoFlo guarantees this superior performance for all products; from delicate fine china and sensitive electronic equipment to heavy mechanical components.

Large Grade Vermiculite

Product Code: MICA01

Description: Exfoliated Vermiculite is Mega-Pak’s choice of absorbent and void fill material for the packaging of hazardous goods.

Its high absorbency and resistance to chemicals make it an excellent and safe cushioning material for the transport of dangerous goods.

Please call if you wish to receive a specification sheet.

Vermiculite is supplied in 100 litre bags or as absorbent pouches (please check availability of stock).

Aeolos® Air Cushions - Voidfill

With just one air chamber, the AEOLOS® air cushion packaging is the standard for all classic air cushion packaging. It is the star amongst anything void-fill related, because it is flexible, durable and cost-efficient. Low disposal costs and various possibilities for use in cavity filling situations make this product a must!

The cushions are filled on-demand in the packing area using an air cushion machine, in order to fill empty spaces in packages quickly and efficiently and make your product secure for transport. Depending on what you need, we offer AEOLOS® products in the following range:


The range of Standard films are able to satisfy the majority of fast growing online businesses. With extended roll lengths the standard range helps to achieve operational efficiency with minimal downtime.

Product Code:Size:Length:
200×100 mm1220m
200×150 mm1220m
200×200 mm1220m

The Classic range offers strength and durability with a unique blend of film designed to retain the air for longer periods. Also available in longer roll lengths to aid efficiency.

Product Code:Size:Length:
200 x 100mm1220m
200 x 150mm1220m
200 x 200mm1220m
200 x 100mm1000m
200 x 150mm1000m
200 x 200mm1000m
275 x 200mm800m
200 x 100mm500m
200 x150mm500m
200 x 200mm 500m
400 x 100mm250m
400 x 100mm500m

The ECO films are 20% CO2 reduced film compared to other films in the market and can be recognised by the green color of the film.

The distinct Eco film is produced using the minimal carbon footprint, in some cases by as much as 20% compared to other materials on the market.

Product Code:Size:Length:

200 x 100mm500m
200 x 200mm500m
225 x 100mm600m
225 x 150mm600m
225 x 200mm600m
275 x 200mm800m

The Premium films are for heavy duty packaging applications.

The Premium range of films was developed to support those Customers with more demanding products. Where weight and difficult shapes come into effect, the Premium films can offer excellent protection without the need for an expensive bespoke solution.

Product Code:Size:Length:
200 x 100mm500m
200 x 150mm500m
200 x 200mm500m
400 x 100mm250m

Anemoi® Film Matting - Protection

ANEMOI® film matting is a further development of the classic air cushion, turning it into a protective mat which is divided into several air pockets and spreads over a large area. It is the version with the best cost/benefit ratio for you and your clients, because with its low volume, it makes filling large spaces easy and uncomplicated. At the same time, the multi-pocket construction ensures optimal package protection. Depending on how you want it, ANEMOI® mats can be used in various different ways.

The specially designed chamber systems effectively acts as a gentle shock absorber by automatically adjusting the air pressure during rough transportation. Similar to the AEOLOS® range we offer the ANEMOI® as Classic and Premium versions.


The Classic Anemoi® is suitable for 90% of cushioning activities in the market. It is strong and durable and provides excellent cushioning properties. Available in two different widths and multiple cell sizes.

Product Code:Single Width:Length:

Small – 400mm Width250m & 530m
Medium – 400mm Width250m & 530m
Large – 400mm Width250m & 530m
Double Width
Small – 800mm width530m
Medium – 800mm width530m

The premium Anemoi® is dedicated to those heavy duty applications where items are particularly heavy or awkward in shape and size.

Product CodeSingle WidthLength
Small – 400mm Width380m
Medium – 400mm Width380m
Large – 400mm Width380m

Mini Pak'r™

You want to protect your goods during transportation? MINI PAK’R™ is a small, easy to use system that allows you to produce air cushions on demand. You can choose from 5 different types of air cushions for any kind of protection you need.

Easy To Use

Plug in the machine, load the film and its ready to go. The machine uses an internal air source, no compressed air is needed. Virtually maintenance free and 12 months warranty.


At a speed of 7.5 mtr/minute the machine makes 5 different types of air cushions that allow for a variety of packaging applications from block brace to void fill.

Product CodeDescriptionRolls per boxmeters/roll
CELL010Mini Pak’r EZ 200 x 1305325
CELL011Mini Pak’r Novus Double Cushion3200
CELL012Mini Pak’r Novus Supertube2200
CELL013Mini Pak’r Novus Quilt Air Large2200
CELL014Mini Pak’r Novus Quilt Air Small1200

Paper Bubblewrap Mini Kit

Product Codes:

PAP070 – Paper Bubblewrap Mini Kit –  390mm x 91m 80gsm

HexcelWrap, an eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative, is made from 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper. Use it in place of traditional plastic packaging to save your company time, money and resources – and stand out among your competitors as a leader in sustainability.

The MiniKit provides a smaller, portable and disposable version of the  Paper Bubble Wrap Refill, including an intelligent box tensioning system to give you the perfect protection for your products. The perfect option for small companies or trials. 

Paper Bubblewrap & Dispenser

Product Codes:

PAP071 – Paper Bubblewrap 385mm x 425m 80gsm

PAP072 – Paper Bubblewrap Dispenser

It’s a dilemma many e-commerce businesses face: you want to cut down on the plastic packaging you use, but you still need to keep your products safe and protected during shipping. HexcelWrap, an all-paper, eco-friendly bubble wrap, is the ideal solution for environmentally conscious, customer-focused companies. The interlocking design of this 100% recyclable and biodegradable bubble wrap alternative keeps products securely in place without the need for additional packing tape.

Filpak® Manual Paper Dispensing Machine

Product Codes:

PAP066 – X-Fill single ply 50gsm Kraft paper pack

PAP066HD – X-Fill single ply 70gsm Kraft paper pack

PAP067 – Fillpak® manual paper dispensing machine

Ideal for smaller users, the Fillpak® manual paper dispensing machine is height adjustable and easily fixed to a table with the integral clamp. Just pull the paper through the machine and tear off how much you need. The converter machine creases the paper to produce an effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

The Fillpak® converter can be used with the X-Fill single ply 50gsm Kraft paper or heavy duty 70gsm Kraft paper . The fan-folded bundles of paper offer easy handling, a minimal loading time and less storage space. The paper is 381mm wide and comes in 500m lengths for the 50gsm and 360m lengths for the 70gsm.  The paper is also completely recyclable.

Ri-Fill Paper Voidfill

Paper Voidfill is a fast and effective way to absorb empty space inside the carton. It’s environmentally friendly and great way to secure items during transit.

The system is available in either table side, minimising floor space or complete with portable floor stand for ease of integration.


Ri-Pad Cushioning Paper

Ri-Pad dispensed cushioning paper offers superior protection and shock absorbency for the safe transit of delicate products.

Paper padding is a versatile cushioning material designed to offer maximum protection and shock absorption for the safe transit of fragile items. In application the pads are used to line the inside of the carton in a variety of packing techniques from Cushioning, Wrapping, Blocking and Bracing or simple Void Fill.

Imitation Kraft & Pure Kraft Union Paper

Available in various roll widths and thicknesses, recommended for general purpose wrapping of products. Kraft union is exceptionally tough and perfect for export, heavy duty packing and case lining.

Product CodeMaterialRoll WidthThickness
PAP041Imitation Kraft600mm90gsm
PAP042Imitation Kraft750mm90gsm
PAP012Imitation Kraft900mm90gsm
PAP013Imitation Kraft1150mm90gsm
PAP014Kraft Union900mm120gsm
PAP017Kraft Union1800mm120gsm
PAP015Kraft Union1200mm120gsm

White Newspaper Off-Cuts

Used for general purpose wrapping of fragile items or scrunched up and used as void fill.

Approximately 540 sheets per pack.

Product CodeSheet SizePack Weight
PAP002500mm x 750mm12.5kg

Acid Free Tissue Paper

High quality Acid free tissue paper can be used for wrapping delicate or polished surfaces and will not corrode or discolour polished metal surfaces.

Product CodeSheet SizePack Weight
PAP003500mm x 750mm3.55Kg

Corrugated Roll

Corrugated roll is available in 75m lengths and comes in a range of widths from 150mm to 1800mm. It’s ideally suited for use as a cushioning layer between products or protecting larger objects such as picture frames.

Product CodeRoll WidthRoll Length
COR007150mm75 Meters
COR006300mm75 Meters
COR002450mm75 Meters
COR003650mm75 Meters
COR001900mm75 Meters
COR0101000mm75 Meters
COR0041200mm75 Meters
COR0111250mm75 Meters
COR0091500mm75 Meters
COR0051800mm75 Meters

Paper Dispensers

Bench mounted paper dispensers which come in 3 widths. Wall mounted version also available

(please call for details)

Product CodeDescription

Silica Gel

Silica gel sachets are sealed packages designed to remove humidity. They prevent corroding, condensation, rusting and fungal growth.

It is recommended that you use 5 grams of silica gel per cubic foot, making sure your product is airtight.

Product CodeSachet WeightSize Per SachetNo. Per Pack
SILICA025g65 x 60mm250
SILICA0610g82 x 60mm500
SILICA0125g110 x 80mm500
SILICA0750g130 x 80mm250
SILICA08100g165 x 80mm200
SILICA04250g150 x 170mm100
SILICA05500g150 x 230mm50

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