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Mailing and Postal Products

If your products need protection and are sent through the postal system then this section is for you.  From padded bags with custom printing through to courier envelopes and postal tubes you’ll find what you are looking for here.  We also supply the innovative Korrvu® Packaging system as well as Flex-Hex® bottle packs.

Jiffy® Airkraft

Jiffylite® bubble lined bags are the lighter weight postal bag which gives excellent protection at a lower cost.

Product CodeInternal SizeExternalNo. Per CartonSelf Seal
JIFLITE00090 x 145120 x 200150Y
JIFLITE00115 x 195145 x 250100Y
JIFLITE0140 x 195170 x 250100Y
JIFLITE1170 x 245200 x 300100Y
JIFLITE2205 x 245235 x 300100Y
JIFLITE3205 x 320235 x 37550Y
JIFLITE4230 x 320260 x 37550Y
JIFLITE5260 x 345290 x 40050Y
JIFLITE6290 x 445320 x 50050Y
JIFLITE7340 x 445370 x 50050Y

Jiffy® Padded

Jiffy® Padded Bags are fully recyclable and are recoverable as defined by the packaging (Essential Requirements) regulations. This would be by way of re-pulping or heat recovery from incineration.

The recycled content of the Jiffy padded bag is 65% (which is the internal macerated pulp material) with the outer and inner liners being made from strong virgin kraft paper. All of the Jiffy® padded bags are biodegradable and FSC certified.

Product CodeInternal SizeExternalNo. Per CartonSelf Seal
JIFBAG00105 x 229120 x 254200Y
JIFBAG0135 x 229150 x 254200Y
JIFBAG1165 x 280180 x 305100Y
JIFBAG2195 x 280210 x 305100Y
JIFBAG3195 x 343210 x 368100Y
JIFBAG4225 x 343241 x 368100Y
JIFBAG5245 x 381260 x 406100Y
JIFBAG6295 x 458310 x 48350Y
JIFBAG7341 x 483356 x 50850Y
JIFBAG8442 x 661457 x 68650N


Finally… a fully Recyclable, Biodegradable, Waterproof, space saving padded mailing bag.

Made from FSC paper, and offering a level of protection via a patented internal corrugated design, the clever design of these envelopes also mean that storage space required is reduced by over a half compared to traditional padded bags.

The careful choice of materials used in the construction means that the PE adhesive on the product provides the moisture barrier whilst eliminating the need for any glues which maintains the recyclability and biodegradability of the product range.

They can be customised with CMYK 4 colour print, and can even be personalised with names and addresses (please call for further details).

The sleekness & lightness of the Enviroflute cleverly addresses the problem of “empty space packaging”.  As well as benefitting our customers from significantly reduced postage, storage, holding & transport costs, thus also reducing C02 footprint.

Product CodeRefInternal SizeNo. Per Case
ENV007EF4/G240 x 330mm100
ENV008EF7/K350 x 470mm100
ENV009EF3/F220 x 330mm100
ENV010EF5/H270 x 360mm100
ENV011EF2/E220 x 260mm200
ENV012EF000/A110 x 165mm200
ENV013EF00/B120 x 215mm200
ENV014EF0/C150 x 215mm200
ENV015EF1/D180 x 265mm200
ENV016EF6/J300 x 440mm100

Printed Padded Bags

We can now offer small runs of digitally printed padded bags in up to four colours on two sides. There used to be a time when you would need to buy 1000’s to have them custom printed but not anymore.

If this is of interest to you then please get in touch (we’ll even help with the artwork!)

Courier Envelopes

Courier Envelopes are high strength co-extruded envelopes complete with a self-sealing strip. White on the outside and black on the inside for added security.

Lightweight and water resistant, they are a cost effective and safe way to post your items.

Product CodeDescriptionBox Qty
COUR001PAPER MAILING BAG – 330 x 711mm + 102mm GUSSET – 3 PLY100
COUR002GREY MAILING BAG – 170 x 230mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500
COUR003GREY MAILING BAG – 230 x 320mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500
COUR004GREY MAILING BAG – 250 x 350mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500
COUR005GREY MAILING BAG – 300 x 350mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500
COUR007GREY MAILING BAG – 305 x 405mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500
COUR008GREY MAILING BAG – 320 x 440mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500
COUR009GREY MAILING BAG – 330 x 485mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP250
COUR010GREY MAILING BAG – 350 x 475mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500
COUR011GREY MAILING BAG – 850 x 1050mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP100
COUR012GREY MAILING BAG – 425 x 600mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP250
COUR013GREY MAILING BAG – 525 x 600mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP100
COUR014WHITE MAILING BAG – 230 x 345mm – 60mu1000
COUR017GREY MAILING BAG – 550 x 750mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP100
COUR018GREY MAILING BAG – 600 x 900mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP100
COUR019CLEAR MAILING BAG – 225 x 315mm – 37mu + 35mm FLAP1000
COUR020GREY MAILING BAG – 400 x 525mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP250
COUR023GREY MAILING BAG -305 x 405mm – 50mu + 50mm FLAP500

Korvvu Packaging

Suspension, Retention and Clam Shell Packs.
The Korrvu® Suspension, Retention and Clamshell packs are a highly versatile packaging solution. They have been designed to offer a practical protective pack suitable for shipping small and valuable products in a variety of sizes.

Features Include:

  • One piece retention pack reduces packing time
  • High Protection levels minimise damage
  • Anti-static film allows sensitive products to be packed
  • Versatility of packs mean a reduced packing inventory
  • Self closing design eliminates need for packaging tape

Box CodeFilm CodeBox SizeFilm SizeType
KOR001KOR001A194 x 194 x 86150 x 150Suspension
KOR002KOR002A240 x 194 x 86240 x 150Suspension
KOR002HKOR002HA294 x 194 x 86240 x 150Hybrid
KOR003KOR003A694 x 294 x 86330 x 240Suspension
KOR004KOR004A235 x 165 x 86190 x 130Clamshell
KOR005185 x 90 x 34One Piece Retention
KOR006235 x 135 x 40One Piece Retention
KOR007280 x 230 x 70One Piece Retention
KOR008KOR008A560 x 365 x 110455 x 284Laptop Pack
KOR010KOR010A295 x 240 x 95265 x 180iPad Pack
KOR011KOR011A230 x 140 x 44225 x 135Two Piece Retention

Postal Tubes

Postal tubes are great for sending and protecting artwork, prints, plans or posters. Made to order tubes can be supplied in either a brown or white finish, and can be printed for a professional look.

Product CodeDescription
POSTAL01A3 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 330 x 50.8 x 1.5mm
POSTAL02A2 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 450 x 50.8 x 1.5mm
POSTAL04A0 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 891 x 76.2 x 2.5mm
POSTAL05A1 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 76.2 x 632mm x 2.5mm
POSTAL06A1 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 632 x 114.3 x 2mm
POSTAL07A1 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 632 x 76.2 x 2.5mm
POSTAL08A1 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 624 x 50.8 x 1.5mm
POSTAL09POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 650 x 50.8 x 1.5mm
POSTAL10B1 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 757 x 101.6 x 3mm
POSTAL11A3 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 335 x 101.6mm x 2mm
POSTAL12A2 POSTAL TUBE WITH END CAPS – 458 x 101.6mm x 2mm


The Flexi-Hex® Eco Bottle Packaging Kit is an innovative new eco solution for the safe shipping of bottles.

The kit is comprised of a Flexi-Hex® sleeve which expands to form an impact resistant protective honeycomb layer around a bottle, with a self-sealing pinch top postal box, which further protects by suspending and preventing movement during transit.

Flexi-Hex® Eco Bottle Packaging Kit comes in one bottle (single), two bottle (double) or three bottle (triple) kits. Flexi-Hex is expandable so works for most bottles shapes and sizes.

  • Specifically designed for the safe shipping of premium bottles.
  • The wrap is fully customisable with your company branding (Min Qty’s Apply).
  • Space saving.
  • Plastic free, recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Available for different bottle sizes from Demi to Magnum.
  • An aesthetic solution adding value and improving customer perception.
  • Fits bottle 320mm in height.
  • Lightweight, compact and robust.
  • No need for compressors or to inflate.
  • Improves your company’s environmental credentials.

Flexi-Hex® is a sustainable solution which equals the high level protection of traditional bottle packaging materials such as polystyrene and polyethylene yet is plastic free, paper based (over 85% recycled content), reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Product CodeDescriptionBox Qty

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