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Dangerous Goods Packaging

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Mega-Pak Ltd have been involved in hazardous goods packaging for many years and we understand the problems facing customers when trying to ship dangerous goods.

With their own in house DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) we have the knowledge to help guide you through the relevant regulations and ensure your products are shipped correctly and most importantly safely.


Our range of Dangerous Goods Packaging

UN Approved

We hold a wide range of heavy duty UN approved fibreboard boxes which are available from stock in small or medium quantities. Check here to see if we have something in our range that is suitable for your needs.

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Bio Substance

We have specialist packaging for the safe transportation of category A and B specimens. Our range includes packaging for ambient and frozen transport as well as bulk sampling and distribution.

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UN Licensing
& Testing

If you are a regular user of dangerous goods packaging or have a specific requirement for licensing and testing, then this section explains the products and services we can offer you, to help facilitate your needs.

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Labels &

For dangerous goods to be transported safely and within the law, packaging needs to be marked and labelled correctly and also carry the correct documentation. Click here to view our range.

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Dangerous Goods Packaging

Ensuring your hazardous goods are packed correctly

The UN approved range of packaging supplied by Mega-Pak is very extensive and includes the following:

  • UN approved 4G and 4GV corrugated fibreboard packing cases as well as 4D and 4DV plywood packing cases
  • UN approved moulded pulp chemical bottle packs
  • Infectious substance packaging for both category A and category B specimens
  • Hazard and handling labels as well as declaration forms and vermiculite for packing.

Package testing and licensing is also a big part of what Mega-Pak Ltd can provide with a quick and reliable certification process with no annual renewal fees. Please feel free to get in touch and speak with one of our experienced team who will be able to assist you.

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It's not possible to list everything we supply, however feel free to contact our friendly and experienced team who will be happy to assist you.


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