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See your products in action with physical samples
When creating a new packaging design for your product or item, having the ability to see the finished product in a physical form can be extremely advantageous to the process. Not only can you iron out intricate details to get your designs perfect, but you can catch what could be costly errors in the process before going into production.

At Mega-Pak Ltd we have the ability to create custom made samples of your packaging in extremely fast turnaround times. We hold a range of board grades, and using our Zund digital cutting table we can accurately and quickly give you real world samples of your packaging.
Does your design include print or artwork?
The hardest thing about designing packaging with print is that sometimes it’s hard to visualise what the finished product may look or feel like. Todays market is fast paced, and on accasion you may need to get an approval quick! This is where we can help. Our onsite designers have the ability to take your artwork ( and even help with the design and prep process, check out our Artwork Services page here ), and lay it up ont a 3D rendered interactive model of your packaging, that can be placed into real world scenarios.
Cutting Edge
Software & Hardware made specifically for the job
We have invested heavily in modern techonology and processes to maximise the productivity and availability of our services. Having the ability to create samples quickly can give you an advantage, but if the samples are not of precise quality then what’s the point?

Our digital design suite is equipped with some of the best software and hardware available, giving us the ability to offer you precise, consistent and top quality samples.
In house offers the best results
Every step of our sample making and 3d rendering process is done in house by our experienced and skilled team of designers. They have the knowledge to help you overcome any obstacles, and to guide with best practice in mind, to produce the best possible solution for your needs.
Why is sampling important?

Having the ability to quality control your packaging right from the design process can produce some very positive benefits.

  • Production times reduced
  • Cost reduced
  • Quality control
  • Design flaws recognised

All of these benefits can make a huge difference to your end goal, be it selling products, or packaging and freight costs  and compliance. So if you are looking for packaging that is high quality from the design process to fulfilment then get in touch with us today.

Quick samples mean faster production
Accurate proofs rersult in less delay and less redesigns
Reduce the risk of costly re-runs due to design errors

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