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Digital Cutting Solutions
Explore our digital cutting technology
Digital cutting enables us to create fast, accurate samples, precise die cuts in a fraction of the time, and small to medium quantity production jobs all from the confines of our design studio. Below is a brief overview of the technology we use in our design studio to get the quality results we are proud to offer.

G3 Digital Cutter

Uncompromising Performance & Precision:
The extraordinary modularity of our cutting solutions is truly unique. You can always make your Zünd G3 system adapt to new requirements with modifications and upgrades. Zünd’s modular design concept lets you put together a tailor-made cutting solution configured to meet specific production needs. Zünd cutters are a safe investment and offer maximum value retention.


Cost Effective


zund cutting table
zund modular
Modular Design

 Zünd’s modular design

concept lets you put together a

tailor-made cutting solution.

Modular design for maximum flexibility
The possibilities are limitless
Our Zund digital cutting system is designed with a modular concept giving us the ability to adapt. Our designers are experienced in packaging design concepts and can always work with you to produce unique and creative designs.

We have this technology in house and are able to create quick and accurate samples and products.
See our Zund digital cutter in action below, tackling some printed blister pack inserts.
zund 1


Using the Zund Digital Cutter has offererd us the opportunity to increase the range of products and services we can offer to our customers.

Having the ability to upgrade the tooling easily enables us to explore solutions for packaging that were not obtainable previously, meaning we can work with you to develop the best possible packaging solution, even if we don't currently have the tools for the job.

cost effective


When it comes to design, being in the early stages of creation can sometimes become costly. Small design errors that are noticed after samples are made can add un needed cost to your project.

We can help to eliminate these costs by using CAD software alongside our Digital Cutter to create virtual samples in 3d for analysis, and cost effective tangeable samples before the production process begins.



Digital cutting has revolutionised the way we create samples and full production work. The precise design of the tools and software enables us to extremely accurate with our products.

With laser precision, guided alighnment technology and precision engineered tooling, we can create samples to exact measurements, and production quantities with effecient layout meaning less waste, and less cost.

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